SONAR GLASSES by G-Technology Group increase mobility independence for blind and visually impaired people by helping them safely navigate around potential hazards in their path of travel that are beyond the reach of a white cane.

With the adjustable detection range, SONAR GLASSES can be used either indoors or outdoors and can accommodate slow or fast walkers.


SONAR GLASSES technology is based on echolocation.

SONAR technology is based on echolocation, similar to the way bats navigate in the dark. The devices emit sound waves, and measure the time to receive sound reflected by objects in your path of travel. When an object is detected, you are alerted by a sound, or in case of glasses a subtle vibration in the temple.

The detection range can be changed between 3, 6, and 9 feet.


SONAR GLASSES are designed to increase mobility independence for blind and visually impaired people.

SONAR GLASSES complement the white cane or guide dog by:

  • providing information about the location of nearby objects above waist level
  • alerting you to potential hazards
  • helping to guide your path through streets, parking lots, shopping malls, subways, yards, and tight spaces in your home

(This device is not intended to replace the white cane, but to be used in combination with the cane or guide dog in order to provide protection from overhanging obstacles)

Lens Features
• Durable polycarbonate
• Scratch-resistant
• Shatter-resistant
• Digitally surfaced
• 100% UV Protection
• Wrap-around design (reduces light and glare from the top, bottom, and sides)

SONAR GLASSES are BUILT TO ORDER. We can customize:
• Lens size and color
• Frame size
• Shape of the temples (to fit customers with hearing aids)


Tinted lenses can help reduce glare, improve contrast, enhance depth perception, and reduce eye fatigue in different environments. They come with 100% UV protection, a choice of color, polarized, and mirrored.

Tint Color Options
 – Provides good protection from glare and does not overly distort colors.
Provides higher contrast and greater visual acuity. Enhances contrast in low-light conditions.
 – Provides excellent contrast because they filter some blue light, but not as much as the yellow tint.
Often known as blue blockers, they provide excellent depth perception and low light contrast.
 – Reduce glare, help define contours, and enhance color perception.
 – Allows for natural color perception while offering shade from the sun.
(other colors upon request)

For more information,
 or to place an order, please contact:
571-249-1290 ex.1120