Sonar Guide

Mobility Aid for Wheelchairs & Walkers

SONAR GUIDE by G-Technology Group alerts the wheelchair and walker user to curbs, step-ups, drop-offs, and low-level obstacles in their path of travel. Users are alerted to potential hazards by audible warning tones and LED lights.

Sonar Guide helps the user in navigating around various obstacles in the path of travel.

Sonar Guide Applications

Customized adapters allow for installation on different types of wheelchairs and walkers.

Sonar Guide kit consists of two sensor arms installed on the wheelchair, or on the walker, as well as a removable control box with range adjustment button, the power button, and the electronics allowing for the connection with the earphones.

Sonar Guide can be installed on wheelchairs or walkers.

(Quantum Edge, Dolomite & Nitro shown here, other adapters are available)

Sonar Guide Operation

Sonar Guide operates on sonar and LiDAR technologies to achieve an optimum obstacle detection capability.

Sonar Guide detects obstacles in the user’s path of travel below waist level at 3 different distance settings, customizable at request. The peripheral obstacles outside of the sensor’s range will not be detected.

Sonar Guide will detect changes in elevation (drop-offs and step-ups) of 3 or more inches.

When an obstacle is detected, the alert LED will turn red and you will hear a voice in the headset say “Obstacle Right”, “Obstacle Left”, or just “Obstacle”.

When drop-off or step-up is detected, the LED will turn yellow and you will hear a voice in the headset say one of the following: “Dropdown Right”, “Dropdown Left”, “Step-Up Right”, “Step-Up Left”, or either just “Dropdown”, or just “Step-Up” if both units detect at the same time (even if an obstacle is also detected at the same time, only the step-up is announced).

View and download Sonar Guide Instruction Manuals by clicking on the images >>>

(Quantum Edge, Dolomite & Nitro manuals are available)







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